Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 My family is the tenth generation of Campbell's that come from the original Campbell's of Bedford, Virigina via Ireland-Scotland

My name is Randall Wayne Smith and i have two sisters, my older sister is Regina Faye Smith and my younger sister is Donna Louise Smith. Our parents are Charles Edwards Smith and Margie Imogene Campbell Smith , Regina and myself were born in Jasper Tenn, Donna was born in Fort Wayne Indiana. My father was born in South Pittsburg , Tennessee and Margie was born in Ringgold Georgia .

Margie Imogene Campbell  born July 25 ,1938 Ringgold Georgia died Aug, 10 ,1993 in Ft, Wayne In. g9.John Wesley Campbell born March 14 , 1914 Walker county Georgia , died Dec.16, 1990 Rome Ga.
g8  William Elbert Campbell b, June 13, 1879 Walker county Ga, died March 19, 1961 Miami Fl.
g7 William S Ceilsbury Campbell b, Jan,6 1858 Ga, died Aug, 15. 1937 Walker County Ga.
g6 James Elbert  Campbell b, Feb, 25. 1836 Greene Tenn, died Jan 1863 Chattanooga Tennessee
g5 James Campbell b,Oct, 13, 1808 Baileyton Tn. died Jan, 30, 1885 Walker county Ga.
g4 Archibald Campbell b,Sept, 1, 1786 Campbell county Va. died 1836 Greene,Tennessee
g3 James Campbell b, 1759  Bedford, Virigina  died 1826  New Market Tennessee
g2 Archibald Campbell b, 1728 in Bedford Virigina  died Sept 28, 1801 Strawberry plain Tennessee
g1 John Campbell born1706 died 1741 Bedford Virigina
Ireland- James Campbell b, 1682 Drumboden Ireland died Nov 5, 1753 Augusta  Virigina  USA
Duncan Campbell b, 1645 Inverary, Argyleshire, Scotland. died 1705  Ulster, Ireland
Andrew Campbell b, 1623 Argylshire, Scotland. died 1708 Inverary Argylshire, Scotland
Hugh Campbell b, 1600 Drumboden, Londonderry, Ireland. died 1678 in Ireland
Patrick Campbell b,1570 Inverary Argyleshire, Scotland. died 1648 Ulter Ireland
Duncan Campbell b, 1542 Inverary Argyleshire Army, England died 1618 Inverary Scotland
I have ancestry records dating back to Uthyr Pendragon born 410 England died 475 Britian, I can fill in the rest of the gap if any one needs this info, there are another 31 generations of Campbell's and their descendants from Duncan Campbell-b 1542 to Uthyr,        Randall W Smith

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life after death

Why do so many think you only have this one time to get it right. Our physical existence is only a blink of an eye. So what do you do with the rest of your time. Since there is no time in spirit, every moment counts for advancement of our spirit or soul. To think we spend every moment worshiping some kind of God or Jesus, is very narrow minded. I am not saying any of this to wrinkle your feathers, but to stretch your mind. We have lived many-many life times in many different situations and locations. There are hundreds of thousands of children who have told stories to there disbelieving parents of who and what they were before. The availability of information on past life's and reincarnation is readily accessible for every one. Since the publication of the first edition of Twenty cases Suggestive of Reincarnation, The late Dr Ian Stevenson of the University of Virgina has been a leading authority of investigating reincarnation and documenting his cases. Dr Raymond Moody is also one of our pioneers on the Near Death Experience and research of this subject. Before the Bible was edited by King Constantine and his Nicean council in the third century AD,  reincarnation and special gifts were discussed.  For example, the book of ENOCH.  This book and ENOCH are talked about through out the Bible, but where is this book located?  There are also around 44 other books they thought unnecessary for us to read. There is truth in every religious text out there, but there are also a lot of false hoods with control attached to them!  The church is responsible for our fear of death and HELL. In actuality, there is not a HELL!!  We are merely going home when we die!  For if you to truly believe this, you will be free to live life as you never lived before.  We are here for the expansion and growth of our soul and to inspire others to fulfill their life's purpose.  We have many life times to get it right, there is no death, only experiences of the many life times we have lived.  Albeit, our memory of these lives is but an amnesiac moment from us.  Dr Michael Newton has written some incredible books on hypnosis and the between states of life and death, a must read for anyone questioning their life and purpose. To sum it up, a quote from Dannion Brinkley.  " We are not poor pittyful humans trying to have a spiritual experience but we are awesomely powerful spiritual beings trying to have a physical experience and we are not very good at it yet!!!!!!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ghosts Chasers, trackers or hunters

We have seen all the shows about the debunkers and the chasers, and all these people trying to prove Ghosts don't exist. When i die and decide to stick around for a little bit, I'll guarantee you this. Come into my home and try and tell me or those with you, I'm not real. I'll show you a whole new level  of haunting  and scared shi@less! Our spirit or soul which ever you want to call your higher self, is infinite and will never die. There is proof of life after life ask any near death experiencer and we will educate  any of you about this fact. Ok ! Now that i have let you know where i stand on this, why is it so hard to bring the right people in, when doing an investigation on spirit activity. We all know or i think we all know that there are Ghosts. Instead of trying to prove or disprove this fact,  how hard is it to bring a Shamanic practitioner or someone who knows how to cross these souls over, into the picture. 

Ok ! I forgot, the media only wants entertainment and not real life scenarios of real life events of the spiritual nature. This is only because they can exploit the spirits that are there for entertainment and when they cross over!!!! no more entertainment!!!!! How would it make you feel, If they came to your house and said there is activity and caught you on camera and EVP, cool!!!!    They caught you on EVP asking for help as they do with almost every case. Then they pack up their equipment and leave. What does help mean {time to pack up our equipment} lol. It is their  and our obligation to help those who ask for help.

It takes less effort to cross someone over than it does to set up and tear down all their fancy equipment. So whats the deal!!!   When we decide we have had enough of this irresponsibility, things will change.  I don't mean this in a negative manor, but, someone has to do it for those who are trapped or stuck here in the physical  dimension, regardless if you believe or not.  Take a class  or find someone who is a Psychopomp and help those who need help getting to the other side. This act alone will empower you in ways you never thought possible. And help those who have been here, some a thousand years or more..  Take the time to educate your self on this a little bit before discarding what you think as entertainment.  we are one and never alone!!!       Randall  W  Smith