Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Growing up in the Midwest from the sixties till now, every thing has changed so much. I remember watching Happy Days, Little House on The Prairie, My three Sons, Leave it To Beaver , you know the kind of shows everyone in the house wanted to watch.  I went to the " Red Box"  the other day to rent a movie and you know i couldn't believe what i saw,  and this was for anyone to rent out of the " RED BOX! " torture porn slaughter movie, and also,  Zombie Strippers.  What in the world have we come to ? yes I know to each their own, but ! What ever happened to being inspired by a movie,  what kind of inspiration is this ? " torture porn with slaughtering and Zombie Strippers! " are you kidding me !

Ponderosa with the Cartwrights  was one of the finer shows at the time,  Little Joe ( Michael Landon ) is a true Hero. If you look at all the things he did on and off screen ,  What an inspiration !  The Super Man Movies from the 80's with Christopher Reeves,  a true hero.  What he did off screen makes him  the Greatest hero to me, after being paralyzed  from a horse riding accident,  his effort in the Medical field with Stem Cell Research speaks for itself. His devotion to his Wife and children after the accident is also one that,  not too many can duplicate.  I remember watching the movie " Brian's Song" every since then I have been a Chicago Bears fan and a Cancer Research supporter, and also because of liking the Bears, you have to give " Walter Payton"  a true Hero Stamp, a man of true Character on and off the field, he was loved by everyone ! How many football players do you know like this ? not to many !

John Wayne , The man's man, everybody aspired to be " The Duke " he walked with real swagger, ask any of your grandfathers and you will hear what a real man he was, again,  on and off the screen.  The 1940's and 50's actor Ronald Reagan, was also a real man. Hell he even became as far as I am  concerned, one of our greatest Presidents. You know I have mentioned a lot of men here and it's not hard at all to mention the women that have been Hero's to me also. Carol Burnett,  Doris Day, Marry Tyler More,  Mrs.  Cleaver, Mrs.  Cunningham,  The Flying Nun,  Lucille Ball , this list can go on for awhile, I thing you get my drift about the men and women I am talking about here.

What kind of inspiration can you get from Jersey Shores,  The Simpsons, The House Wife's from Beverly Hills or New Jersey, Dancing With The Stars, I think some of you will disagree with that one, but oh well. If you want to find a True Hero turn off the TV and go to a homeless shelter and see what the volunteer's do out of love, and speaking of love, visit your local Hospice and see if you can muster up  the courage that all of the Hospice people dish out everyday.   These are but a small example of the hero's of the past and a hand full of the one's of today. I write this because we as a humane beings are not doing a very good job today, most if not all most all,  are dropping the ball and hoping someone else will pick it up and run with it.

I  heard from the old folks when i was young " one can make a difference " I never thought alot about that statement until I began paying attention to the music being played  almost everywhere. It's a shame that their aspirations are to be " Thug's." Our Grandfather's Grandfather would disown this country as land of the brave. What a joke when their hero's are Rap, all forms of music, TV stars and sports stars. Come on folks lets take this country back and be the " Inspiration " our Grandparents were to us. It does only take one to make a difference, step up to bat and give it a shot.......
                      In Love and Light  Randall W Smith..........

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

       I get a lot of comments about being psychic and how great it would be to be psychic,  ' it's not easy growing up being a medium/psychic ', is always my comment. After coming back after my Near Death Experience i saw spirit within a few minutes of opening my eyes. I was six years old, my mothers father was a preacher and the fear of all paranormal was instilled in my mother deeply. If it was a spirit i was seeing,  it was the Devil !! although these beings i was seeing were friendly,  it didn't matter it's the Devil" She said. 
        You know everyone is born with psychic ability,  we all have intuition, that gut feeling, senses of all kinds. Smell is the most common sense that is first noticed by most people, they cant find the source of where it is coming from, until they remember it was a smell from their past or a loved one who has crossed over.  Still, believing it was them seems to be a stretch of their imagination . We do have family and friends from the other side who want to communicate with us and this is one way they do it.  This is some of the things i was growing up with and trying to figure out myself.
         Finding someone to talk with about what i was experiencing was almost impossible, so many religious people and no one could tell me anything other than " it is of the Devil these things happening to you". I thought to myself if this is the case , then how come when i was there all i felt was like i was at home and love was everywhere. Given the gift to heal was a strange thing for me for awhile, it didn't start making sense to me until i was about twenty. I remembered looking back when my mother would have me kiss her forehead and make her headache  go away or touch her and make the pain go away. All through out my early life people would ask me to touch them where they hurt and the pain would leave.
        So i say to those who want to be psychic, " this is a great responsibility and nothing to play with, because when people seek you out for what you do,  their very life and faith is in your hands," and do you want that responsibility ?  It is not so much for being able to predict the out come of things but to help people with the gifts bestowed to me or you. If you want to learn any of the psychic channels, the first thing is to learn to meditate and trust what you get. We all have intuition it is just a matter of honing that gift and trusting what you receive.
       There are so many skeptic's , fearful and disbelieving people out there, sharing with others what you are doing is a tough decision to make, because as you unfold these gifts you will want to share. From the moment of my Near Death Experience to now i am still apprehensive  about what i say to people because of criticism. I do say i don't care what they think , but it's hard not to care because i am part of the World and have a reputation to uphold. To go back to my original statement about being psychic, i enjoy it now but i still have those times when i receive impressions  i don't want to experience but,  your given these for a reason and you have to work with them. Just remember there are two sides to a coin, and just because you have psychic abilities  , it wont make your life any easier.
                     The best part of being Psychic, is self discovery!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No seperation of time

Hi: My name is Randall W Smith 
I am a Near Death Experiencer,after having a Near death Experience at six years of age from carbon monoxide poisoning, a whole new world opened up for me. This journey has been very difficult at times, but with the different modalities of healing available to everyone,  this has made understanding of these gifts a little easier to work with. I am honored to be able to do a variety of clearings and healings with clients and i would like to share one of these sessions with you. I will not be using any names.
I received a call from New York and this person said they had some pretty serious problems, and that everything was falling apart in their life. The craziest things were what  they were experiencing in their dreams after returning from vacation. I had this person come in for a session [ keep an open mind ] I start with my hands on the head and as soon as i touched the head i started seeing scenes of  dead bodies in a wheel barrel.  I do a lot of Psychopomp work, which is helping spirit cross over. So when i saw these bodies in this wheel barrel, my first response was to cross them over. I established a conversation with these beings and was able to cross them over, but to my surprise they reappeared back in the wheel barrel, i was beside my self. I tried again and the same thing happened, this has never happened before. at this point i felt i needed to expand my focus and get a bigger picture to see what i was missing. When i pulled my perception further back to get a bigger picture, i was shocked to see a man in front of me with a wheel barrel in his hands. He was taking bodies from one location to another and dumping them into a pit with other bodies [ Holy Crap]!
After gathering myself and these emotions i was experiencing, and the disbelief of what i was seeing, communication was established with this man, He said it was his job to dispose of the bodies, which included dumping and then burning them in the pits. He relayed to me, that he did not deserve heaven and he would carry this with him forever. We conversed for a little bit and with the love he experienced from his loved ones in spirit who came for him,  and our conversation, he was able to let go of all the trauma and death that was his job. The spirits of the bodies that were in the wheel barrel ascended with the light as they were released from the mans trauma of that life, along with those in the pits. The man, whose job it was to do those horrendous atrocities let go of his belief in hell and went to the light. I have never seen anything so beautiful and aw-inspiring in my life.
After the session we talked about what i experienced, and what the client experienced. It was relayed to me that while on vacation in Germany, a trip to where the holocaust took place, had indeed happened. The client also said things were different after they left for New York, where they also visited a holocaust exhibit on display at a local museum in New York. It was also said to me that what was experienced in Germany was too eerily familiar and didn’t seem right. After the session the client expressed a sense of being very light and hopeful with life. For me since that session, my life has taken a serious step in learning as much as i can about healing people and places of trauma and drama along with the atrocities we do to each other. When your life seems at its darkest, the light of GOD comes for us all. Everyone no matter who, will go to the light, eventually!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beyond The Normal

I received a call from a family in southern Indiana a few years ago and they said “ they  had just built a new home down the hill from their old home” and wandered if they could send me some pictures of their home, I said “ sure “. I opened the email photos and saw what appeared to be about fifty orbs, I know that they said the house was just built, so i had to determine if it was dust particles or not. I called the home owners and ask if any thing was going on with the home? They said “ the basement wall had been redone three different times because it kept cracking from one corner to the floor and they have yet to live in their home for fear of something major was going to happen”. 

They also relayed to me that the house was built just shy of a year ago, and that no one had been in the home since the basement wall was redone two months prior to calling me. The family lives up the hill about two hundred yards from the new home. “ Driving up the steep incline was getting harder on them in the Indiana winters”, they told me that  was the reason for the new home.  After several inquires back and forth and a little phone tag we made arrangements to see if there was anything that could be done. I arrived late morning, on the way up to the new home i felt extremely anxious. Out of the corner of my eye i kept seeing people all over the property.  

The owners walked me around the home and property and gave me details on all that has happened and is still going on with the home.  Apparently the men who rebuilt the basement wall didn’t want to work on it anymore,  because of the ghost that were there and taking their tools. I don’t like to ask for any history until i've done my job, i do this for  confirmation of the things i receive from spirit about what is going on. We ended up outside and i had them go back up to their old house. I asked them “to give me about three hours to do the clearing and blessing”. I don’t like to have anyone around when i do clearing’s and blessings and this is for their safety.

I summons the spirits that i work with to do these type’s Healings and blessings , and most of the time the spirits that are there don’t know they are dead or have died in away    that comprehension of their death is furthest from their minds. I leave one window partially opened at the farthest end of the home and start in the basement at the farthest corner from the upstairs window, this is to let the sage channel through the home.  I went down stairs to begin the treatment of the home and right away things were already  happening with the lights and footsteps on the main floor and second level of the home. So i sat in one corner of the basement and drummed for a little while, i began to see and hear different spirits.

What was expressed to me was there were to many deaths here and we were not done fighting yet. The images i saw were those of native Americans, civil war soldiers and farmers . When the light opens , most of the time all you need to do is hold space and your guides will do the rest of the work. This time nobody was moving, not going to the light  just staying put. I established communication with one of the spirits that seemed to be in charge of the spirits in the basement. This was a platoon leader who with his troops took the hill where the house had been built, but in the process didn’t know he and his platoon were wiped out in the battle. Sometimes there is a spirit who controls others  where haunting take place just like a controlling person or a bully would do to others. No different than the living !!  Once communication was established and he was convinced he had died during that skirmish, his spirit was released from that trauma by his own doing . I saw his spirit ascend into the light along with the others his fears had kept here with him. There was roughly two hundred and fifty souls released from there torment in that basement that day.  Working through the rest of the house another twenty souls were released into the light. After doing a home you need to release and bless the land also. Sitting on the wrap around deck over looking a ravine, scenes kept playing out in front of me. Soldiers were slaughtering one another on either side of the ravine , the bodies were rolling down the hill and pilling up. This was going on all around the area where i was sitting an unbelievable site, war is an ugly evil .

When dealing with mass casualties such as these, rescue spirits should be used  they know the proper way to release that type of unfolding trauma. While holding space out on the deck an overwhelming sense of peace and calm came over me. My guides informed me of the transition of more than five hundred souls had ascended into the light for home. When i do this type of work, believing what you hear and perceive is vitally important and not to second guess yourself. So after the house and land were cleansed and blessed, i went up to the main house to share what took place. The owners were shocked by what was found, and asked if i would like to take a ride with them.

The owners and i went for a short ride around a canyon to the back side of there property and showed me a mixed race and civil war cemetery. The people who died during the fighting in those parts were buried a short distance from where they perished.  It will always amaze how this stuff unfolds in front of me, all the stories that run through my mind to all the scenes each soul conveys as we communicate. I believe we should take more time to visit places of war and conflict to help those souls that are still stuck here and help them cross over, instead of trying to debunk the fact they are real. When it was all said and done, between 750 to 1000 souls crossed over that day, I was beside myself when i saw that cemetery on the other side of that canyon. Thank you Great Spirit- Divine Intelligence- God etc. for this ability to help.

                              Randall W Smith 

                             11-15-11  article/ Paranormal Inquisitor