Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 My family is the tenth generation of Campbell's that come from the original Campbell's of Bedford, Virigina via Ireland-Scotland

My name is Randall Wayne Smith and i have two sisters, my older sister is Regina Faye Smith and my younger sister is Donna Louise Smith. Our parents are Charles Edwards Smith and Margie Imogene Campbell Smith , Regina and myself were born in Jasper Tenn, Donna was born in Fort Wayne Indiana. My father was born in South Pittsburg , Tennessee and Margie was born in Ringgold Georgia .

Margie Imogene Campbell  born July 25 ,1938 Ringgold Georgia died Aug, 10 ,1993 in Ft, Wayne In. g9.John Wesley Campbell born March 14 , 1914 Walker county Georgia , died Dec.16, 1990 Rome Ga.
g8  William Elbert Campbell b, June 13, 1879 Walker county Ga, died March 19, 1961 Miami Fl.
g7 William S Ceilsbury Campbell b, Jan,6 1858 Ga, died Aug, 15. 1937 Walker County Ga.
g6 James Elbert  Campbell b, Feb, 25. 1836 Greene Tenn, died Jan 1863 Chattanooga Tennessee
g5 James Campbell b,Oct, 13, 1808 Baileyton Tn. died Jan, 30, 1885 Walker county Ga.
g4 Archibald Campbell b,Sept, 1, 1786 Campbell county Va. died 1836 Greene,Tennessee
g3 James Campbell b, 1759  Bedford, Virigina  died 1826  New Market Tennessee
g2 Archibald Campbell b, 1728 in Bedford Virigina  died Sept 28, 1801 Strawberry plain Tennessee
g1 John Campbell born1706 died 1741 Bedford Virigina
Ireland- James Campbell b, 1682 Drumboden Ireland died Nov 5, 1753 Augusta  Virigina  USA
Duncan Campbell b, 1645 Inverary, Argyleshire, Scotland. died 1705  Ulster, Ireland
Andrew Campbell b, 1623 Argylshire, Scotland. died 1708 Inverary Argylshire, Scotland
Hugh Campbell b, 1600 Drumboden, Londonderry, Ireland. died 1678 in Ireland
Patrick Campbell b,1570 Inverary Argyleshire, Scotland. died 1648 Ulter Ireland
Duncan Campbell b, 1542 Inverary Argyleshire Army, England died 1618 Inverary Scotland
I have ancestry records dating back to Uthyr Pendragon born 410 England died 475 Britian, I can fill in the rest of the gap if any one needs this info, there are another 31 generations of Campbell's and their descendants from Duncan Campbell-b 1542 to Uthyr,        Randall W Smith


  1. Randall,
    I am a direct campbell descendant. After Duncan Campbell, b. 1645 in Invernary, Argyleshire, Scotland, you descend from James Campbell and I from John Campbell. I would appreciate the opportunity to use your ancestry records, prior to Duncan Campbell, in order to complete my family tree.
    Sincerely, Michael D. Campbell

  2. Hi Mike
    I would be delighted if you used my ancestry records, they are correct and up to date at this point. It has taken years of research to get to here. Do you belong to the Clan Campbell Society? I have been a member since 1990. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me on this site, thanks for asking for it's use....Randall

  3. I'm a direct descendant of this line also.