Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No seperation of time

Hi: My name is Randall W Smith 
I am a Near Death Experiencer,after having a Near death Experience at six years of age from carbon monoxide poisoning, a whole new world opened up for me. This journey has been very difficult at times, but with the different modalities of healing available to everyone,  this has made understanding of these gifts a little easier to work with. I am honored to be able to do a variety of clearings and healings with clients and i would like to share one of these sessions with you. I will not be using any names.
I received a call from New York and this person said they had some pretty serious problems, and that everything was falling apart in their life. The craziest things were what  they were experiencing in their dreams after returning from vacation. I had this person come in for a session [ keep an open mind ] I start with my hands on the head and as soon as i touched the head i started seeing scenes of  dead bodies in a wheel barrel.  I do a lot of Psychopomp work, which is helping spirit cross over. So when i saw these bodies in this wheel barrel, my first response was to cross them over. I established a conversation with these beings and was able to cross them over, but to my surprise they reappeared back in the wheel barrel, i was beside my self. I tried again and the same thing happened, this has never happened before. at this point i felt i needed to expand my focus and get a bigger picture to see what i was missing. When i pulled my perception further back to get a bigger picture, i was shocked to see a man in front of me with a wheel barrel in his hands. He was taking bodies from one location to another and dumping them into a pit with other bodies [ Holy Crap]!
After gathering myself and these emotions i was experiencing, and the disbelief of what i was seeing, communication was established with this man, He said it was his job to dispose of the bodies, which included dumping and then burning them in the pits. He relayed to me, that he did not deserve heaven and he would carry this with him forever. We conversed for a little bit and with the love he experienced from his loved ones in spirit who came for him,  and our conversation, he was able to let go of all the trauma and death that was his job. The spirits of the bodies that were in the wheel barrel ascended with the light as they were released from the mans trauma of that life, along with those in the pits. The man, whose job it was to do those horrendous atrocities let go of his belief in hell and went to the light. I have never seen anything so beautiful and aw-inspiring in my life.
After the session we talked about what i experienced, and what the client experienced. It was relayed to me that while on vacation in Germany, a trip to where the holocaust took place, had indeed happened. The client also said things were different after they left for New York, where they also visited a holocaust exhibit on display at a local museum in New York. It was also said to me that what was experienced in Germany was too eerily familiar and didn’t seem right. After the session the client expressed a sense of being very light and hopeful with life. For me since that session, my life has taken a serious step in learning as much as i can about healing people and places of trauma and drama along with the atrocities we do to each other. When your life seems at its darkest, the light of GOD comes for us all. Everyone no matter who, will go to the light, eventually!!!

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  1. This is a very interesting story. I am amazed by these types of stories. Everytime I hear one my only response is, "oh wow!".