Wednesday, August 8, 2012

       I get a lot of comments about being psychic and how great it would be to be psychic,  ' it's not easy growing up being a medium/psychic ', is always my comment. After coming back after my Near Death Experience i saw spirit within a few minutes of opening my eyes. I was six years old, my mothers father was a preacher and the fear of all paranormal was instilled in my mother deeply. If it was a spirit i was seeing,  it was the Devil !! although these beings i was seeing were friendly,  it didn't matter it's the Devil" She said. 
        You know everyone is born with psychic ability,  we all have intuition, that gut feeling, senses of all kinds. Smell is the most common sense that is first noticed by most people, they cant find the source of where it is coming from, until they remember it was a smell from their past or a loved one who has crossed over.  Still, believing it was them seems to be a stretch of their imagination . We do have family and friends from the other side who want to communicate with us and this is one way they do it.  This is some of the things i was growing up with and trying to figure out myself.
         Finding someone to talk with about what i was experiencing was almost impossible, so many religious people and no one could tell me anything other than " it is of the Devil these things happening to you". I thought to myself if this is the case , then how come when i was there all i felt was like i was at home and love was everywhere. Given the gift to heal was a strange thing for me for awhile, it didn't start making sense to me until i was about twenty. I remembered looking back when my mother would have me kiss her forehead and make her headache  go away or touch her and make the pain go away. All through out my early life people would ask me to touch them where they hurt and the pain would leave.
        So i say to those who want to be psychic, " this is a great responsibility and nothing to play with, because when people seek you out for what you do,  their very life and faith is in your hands," and do you want that responsibility ?  It is not so much for being able to predict the out come of things but to help people with the gifts bestowed to me or you. If you want to learn any of the psychic channels, the first thing is to learn to meditate and trust what you get. We all have intuition it is just a matter of honing that gift and trusting what you receive.
       There are so many skeptic's , fearful and disbelieving people out there, sharing with others what you are doing is a tough decision to make, because as you unfold these gifts you will want to share. From the moment of my Near Death Experience to now i am still apprehensive  about what i say to people because of criticism. I do say i don't care what they think , but it's hard not to care because i am part of the World and have a reputation to uphold. To go back to my original statement about being psychic, i enjoy it now but i still have those times when i receive impressions  i don't want to experience but,  your given these for a reason and you have to work with them. Just remember there are two sides to a coin, and just because you have psychic abilities  , it wont make your life any easier.
                     The best part of being Psychic, is self discovery!!

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  1. I have had you touch my head many times and the pain went away.