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Growing up in the Midwest from the sixties till now, every thing has changed so much. I remember watching Happy Days, Little House on The Prairie, My three Sons, Leave it To Beaver , you know the kind of shows everyone in the house wanted to watch.  I went to the " Red Box"  the other day to rent a movie and you know i couldn't believe what i saw,  and this was for anyone to rent out of the " RED BOX! " torture porn slaughter movie, and also,  Zombie Strippers.  What in the world have we come to ? yes I know to each their own, but ! What ever happened to being inspired by a movie,  what kind of inspiration is this ? " torture porn with slaughtering and Zombie Strippers! " are you kidding me !

Ponderosa with the Cartwrights  was one of the finer shows at the time,  Little Joe ( Michael Landon ) is a true Hero. If you look at all the things he did on and off screen ,  What an inspiration !  The Super Man Movies from the 80's with Christopher Reeves,  a true hero.  What he did off screen makes him  the Greatest hero to me, after being paralyzed  from a horse riding accident,  his effort in the Medical field with Stem Cell Research speaks for itself. His devotion to his Wife and children after the accident is also one that,  not too many can duplicate.  I remember watching the movie " Brian's Song" every since then I have been a Chicago Bears fan and a Cancer Research supporter, and also because of liking the Bears, you have to give " Walter Payton"  a true Hero Stamp, a man of true Character on and off the field, he was loved by everyone ! How many football players do you know like this ? not to many !

John Wayne , The man's man, everybody aspired to be " The Duke " he walked with real swagger, ask any of your grandfathers and you will hear what a real man he was, again,  on and off the screen.  The 1940's and 50's actor Ronald Reagan, was also a real man. Hell he even became as far as I am  concerned, one of our greatest Presidents. You know I have mentioned a lot of men here and it's not hard at all to mention the women that have been Hero's to me also. Carol Burnett,  Doris Day, Marry Tyler More,  Mrs.  Cleaver, Mrs.  Cunningham,  The Flying Nun,  Lucille Ball , this list can go on for awhile, I thing you get my drift about the men and women I am talking about here.

What kind of inspiration can you get from Jersey Shores,  The Simpsons, The House Wife's from Beverly Hills or New Jersey, Dancing With The Stars, I think some of you will disagree with that one, but oh well. If you want to find a True Hero turn off the TV and go to a homeless shelter and see what the volunteer's do out of love, and speaking of love, visit your local Hospice and see if you can muster up  the courage that all of the Hospice people dish out everyday.   These are but a small example of the hero's of the past and a hand full of the one's of today. I write this because we as a humane beings are not doing a very good job today, most if not all most all,  are dropping the ball and hoping someone else will pick it up and run with it.

I  heard from the old folks when i was young " one can make a difference " I never thought alot about that statement until I began paying attention to the music being played  almost everywhere. It's a shame that their aspirations are to be " Thug's." Our Grandfather's Grandfather would disown this country as land of the brave. What a joke when their hero's are Rap, all forms of music, TV stars and sports stars. Come on folks lets take this country back and be the " Inspiration " our Grandparents were to us. It does only take one to make a difference, step up to bat and give it a shot.......
                      In Love and Light  Randall W Smith..........

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