Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today was one of the most difficult days to date in my life, don't feel sorry for me but, do your self a favor !  At any moment given in time , you will be awarded with the opportunity to tell someone how you feel and what they mean to you. Don't ever hesitate !!  and who really cares if there are others around, and you know what ! what does it matter !

We laid to rest today a great man, friend and brother, his Name is Jeff Dykes many know him as " Bonz" , to me he is Jeff ".  It amazes me to no end,  that with " Death ", it teaches you how to " live". The large amount of people today showed me how this man lived and how his family and friends openly showed their mutual love and respect for him.

Legacies are born every day but, whom amongst us will uphold our end of the bargain.  When I feel in line with the rest of the funeral procession, my heart was swollen with a sense of pride as I looked in my rear-view mirror and could not see the end, at a little past 2;30 in the afternoon over one hundred people took time to give respect to "Bonz". A legacy will continue. It will continue in anyone who knew him...   What a "Play" !!!

        Thanks  Jeff !!! I Love you !!
       Until our next adventure !!! 
                               Randall smith

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