Thursday, January 16, 2014

                                                 Surprise Crossing

   My inbox had a photo in it of a basement with orbs all over it. After careful examination of the photo and the so called orbs, these spots in the photo were determined to in fact be orbs and not dust particles because they were illuminated by their own light and dust does not. I called the owner and we made arrangements for my trip to Southern Indiana's Brown County.  I felt very anxious upon pulling up the long, winding driveway to their new home, which was located 200 yards down the hill from their current home, set on top of this hill.

  The owner said, "This house is brand new and we have yet to live in it. We have had the basement wall redone three times because of the ever appearing crack from one side to the other".  This is a two story home with a walkout basement.  When I do extractions I do not allow anyone around during the process because of the possibility of possessing spirits. I don't ask for any information, other than what's going on with the property. The owners agreed to go into town for a few hours and do some shopping so I could be left alone with the problems going on there.

Meditation is a staple in doing any type of intuitive work, with this said, I sat on the basement floor and meditated for a few minutes and it wasn't long before communication was established with a few of the spirits there.  I was informed that a battle had taken place here and that there were a lot of people here with us. From Native Americans, farmers and military personnel, to woman and children were present in the basement.  At this point I have been blessed to be a part of over a hundred cleansings of my own with one hundred percent success rate.  It is my belief that everyone comes from the light and everyone will go back to the light eventually.

I asked for rescue Spirits and Warrior Spirits from the light to assist with helping these folks to cross over.  Family, friends, and loved ones of those who are trapped here are also summoned for help in this process. When your parents show up for you, you will go with them!  While walking around the basement and the rest of the home talking with these spirits, my heart was filled with sadness and fear.  To be stuck in a place like this is unthinkable. When it's all said and done, over two hundred and fifty were crossed over from the home. I went out to the walk out porch that completely surrounded the home. I was shown many scenes of battle and carnage,
A gully divided the property, there were bodies laying everywhere...I couldn't believe my eyes. They were in the gully, on the hills, in the road down the hill...everywhere!  The blue jays and black birds were going crazy, the energy was extraordinarily high.  In my minds eye, the light was so bright my head was hurting. "I have to stay focused!", I kept saying to  myself, this energy is crazy.  As I  sat on the ground below the wrap-around porch, I witnessed spirit after spirit rising from the scene in front of me.  My heart was filled with a joy that can't be described with my limited vocabulary.  I was informed by those helping spirits that over 1200 went home today.

  Walking around and giving thanks to all that helped is very important in this work, so, I thanked them all again. The owners of the home arrived about half an hour later and I went over everything that occurred to me with them.  If I could show you their eyes I would....  After our discussion and the results of the session, they insisted I take a ride with them.  I was exhausted and wanted to sit for awhile, so a ride sounded great. We drove for about four or five minutes and came to a graveyard on the other side of the small mountain where they lived.  I couldn't believe my eyes; it was a civil war cemetery, holy crap!! We walked around for a little bit and looked at some of the tombstones. It's crazy when you can identify with some of them on a private personal level.

The owners contacted me a year later and said, "We haven't had any other activity around the house or with the wall in the basement". They also stated that the property had a different feeling to it, along with the surprise of all the wildlife that was visiting on a daily basis.  Since then, I have done 15 other battle scenes with the same results. I am seeking as many of these as I can handle as this is my life purpose:  to help as many as I can, to help them cross over from these atrocities.

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